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I have a question for you.

Which of your employees is the writer?

No, really, which of them is the person who dedicates his or her time to perfecting the craft of writing? Do you have one?

If not, then who is writing your Content? Have you taken someone away from their normal duties to answer that Request for Proposal? Maybe you are relying on magical grammar software and misaligned graphics to win that next big client?

What if I told you there was a better way?


It’s the last few hours before the deadline.

You’re madly trying to get the last few details written, edits polished, and formatting done. This is one of those proposals that will bring in new money to your company. You’ve got to get it write, you still have to get to the Print Shop.

Hopefully, you will have enough time for your proposal package to be thrown through the door before the deadline passes.

Previous Work

The digital era has shaken up the event marketing playing field. Between the hype of social media and looking for the next great thing, your event’s time to live is shortened with every iteration of a news cycle. Creating content that has staying power and is heard over the noise from content mills will help maintain your return on investment.

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At Bergsma & Laurette Recruitment Group we turn to Perras Ink & Type for our articles, employee bios, RFP’s, newsletters, script writing for our commercials etc… but most importantly market intel and research. Aaron is highly ethical, trustworthy and most importantly discreet with his ghostwriting. He is an absolute professional and whom we work with exclusively.

Paul Bergsma, President

Bergsma & Laurette Recruitment Group

Perras Ink & Type produces high quality writing. They're dedicated to ensuring the content meets all of your needs and they'll do thorough research on your writing topics!

Alex Pryor

Virtual Excursions